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Office Furniture Installation and Cubicle Installation

OC Office Furniture's installation technicians are experienced in the assembly procedures for a variety of high quality office cubicle and panel systems, ranging from individual offices to multiple office projects. Thanks to years of training and experience, our staff is well versed in the installation of a variety of office furniture systems from manufacturers such as Herman Miller, Haworth, Gunlocke, Kimball, Steelcase, Knoll, Trendway and more. We also offer complete office furniture and cubicle installation services for conventional and specialized furniture and equipment.

The OC Office Furniture Installation Process

On every project that OC Office Furniture undertakes, an experienced OC Office Furniture project manager executes the following procedures to ensure a quality installation and a satisfied customer:

Upon completion of each phase of project a walk through will be performed with user or user’s rep to ensure their satisfaction with OC Office Furniture’s cubicle installation at which point a sign off will be required.

Why Choose OC Office Furniture?

Have a couple office furniture installation providers in your directory or on your screen and wondering how to choose? Over the course of our existence we at OC Office Furniture have analyzed this same question. OC Office Furniture has taken in account what our clients needs have been in the past and what elements made them choose one service provider over another and with that we modeled our corporate structure utilizing those key elements. We believe that we have developed into a rather unique provider of office furniture and services. How so? What set's OC Office Furniture apart from every other cubicle installation company out there? Just read on to see what sets us apart from our competition and why we believe that OC Office Furniture should be your #1 choice:

At the end of the day, OC Office Furniture does whatever is necessary to ensure our clients are pleased with the services provided. And the reward for this dedication has been the ability to continually provide more products and services to them. To us at OC Office Furniture this is key. We believe the truest measure of the satisfaction level of the services we provide is reflected by the amount of long standing relationships and clients we have retained and whom continue to utilize our services. Quite simply, our client references speak for themselves, To view just a few of the clients that we provide office furniture installation services throughout the United States and their testimonials, please visit our References page.

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